Naya Daur 1957 & 2007- Download Mp3 Songs

About the movie :

A story about love, friendship and social justice, Naya Daur tells the tale of two friends, Shankar the �tangawala� and Krishna the woodcutter, who turn foes over the love of Rajni. Conflicts arise when Kundan, the city-bred son of Seth Maganlal in his greed for quick profits mechanizes the saw mill and brings misery to the once happy village of Karanpur

The incidents which then unfold give rise to an emotional and economic upheaval that provides the dramatic thrills and the story’’s moral - that it is wrong to misuse the immense potentialities of the machine to create prosperity by making it create money for the sake of few and generate unhappiness and misery for thousands.
Watch the action that unfolds as Shankar unites a divided village, and how he sets about to keep his faith in winning the race between man and machine.

Movie Title:Naya Daur
Name : Naya Daur
Cast : Dilip Kumar, Vaijayantimala, Ajit, Jeevan, Johnny Walker, Manmohan Krishna
Singers : Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
Director B.R.Chopra
Music Director O.P.Nayyar
Producer B.R.Films
Songs List:

1. Instrumental
2. Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawano Ka
3. Maang Ke Saath Tumhara
4. Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri
5. Aana Hai To Aa
6. Saathi Haath Badhana
7. Reshmi Salvaar
8. Main Bambai Ka Babu
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